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IRS Rebuked in Case Involving Listed Transaction; Attorneys Anthony Gasaway and Paul Harris Lead Victorious Legal Team

Former IRS attorney Anthony Gasaway obtains an acquittal for Dr. Randy M. Brodnik in a complex criminal tax case where the IRS unsuccessfully alleged the use of an abusive tax shelter and that tax evasion was committed. Beckley, West Virginia, Saturday, November 6, 2010—Following a 7-year IRS investigation, a jury in Beckley, West Virginia has acquitted Dr. Randy M. Brodnik and Mr. Anthony I. Kritt of all 14 counts of an indictment for alleged conspiracy... Read More →


Tax expert testimony during sentencing proceedings in a criminal tax case reduces sentence & tax liability

Recently St. Louis tax attorney, Robert Stientjes, served as a defendants’ tax expert during sentencing proceedings. His client was facing six years of prison time for tax evasion, tax fraud and a six figure tax liability consisting of unpaid tax, penalties and interest. After Rob Stientjes’ testimony during sentencing proceedings the Court significantly reduced the sentence and cut the taxpayer’s tax liability in half. ... Read More →


After 3 year tax fraud criminal investigation client was not indicted

Most of our tax victories happen outside of the court room. Recently we represented a client under criminal investigation for using an alleged foreign trust. The IRS claimed that client had failed to pay approximately $5 million in taxes. After the three-year investigation, we persuaded the IRS not to indict the client. ... Read More →

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